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Month: June, 2020

Couples Get Freaky on Cam

You can absolutely enjoy yourself with some naked chat with couples online, since they are able to read your chat messages and respond to them. To my surprise this seems to be a pretty normal thing to do so I must be the only one that gets completely creeped out by this.

While I have no qualms in chatting with the solo performer girls as that seems entirely natural to me, chatting with the couples just doesn’t sit quite right with me. Like I said though, I seem to be the odd one out so I wouldn’t follow my cue on this if I were you.

I’ve been a fan of the amatuer porn genre for quite some time because it is so much more authentic. This has been emphasised after seeing some behind the scenes clips and just how much acting is actually involved in a proper porn shoot, especially the groaning of the girls. It’s all so fake and that makes it a real turn-off.

None of that with genuine unscripted amateur couples getting it on.