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Couples Get Freaky on Cam

You can absolutely enjoy yourself with some naked chat with couples online, since they are able to read your chat messages and respond to them. To my surprise this seems to be a pretty normal thing to do so I must be the only one that gets completely creeped out by this.

While I have no qualms in chatting with the solo performer girls as that seems entirely natural to me, chatting with the couples just doesn’t sit quite right with me. Like I said though, I seem to be the odd one out so I wouldn’t follow my cue on this if I were you.

I’ve been a fan of the amatuer porn genre for quite some time because it is so much more authentic. This has been emphasised after seeing some behind the scenes clips and just how much acting is actually involved in a proper porn shoot, especially the groaning of the girls. It’s all so fake and that makes it a real turn-off.

None of that with genuine unscripted amateur couples getting it on.

Chat To Honeys Like These!

I was chatting to a friend just the other day about live cam sites and how they seem to have risen from the ashes.

A decade or so ago, not 100% sure of the timeline because it passes so damn fast, live cam sites hit the internet like a storm, but it exited it just about as fast because it was modelled as a complete money grab by everyone who hosted it. It was a rip off to the consumers and completely unfair on the performers. The profits were completely weighted to the hosts and it resulted in the industry’s demise.

It seems that has been redone recently because now you, the consumer, can watch a lot of the shows for free even and decide for yourself, beyond private shows, if or how much you tip and it turns out people are mature enough to do so. The performers also seem to be getting at the very least a fair percentage of the profits because hosts are bursting by the seems.

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Look Mom, No Hands!

Heehaw! Ride him cowgirl!

What a great pic this is. She’s stunning though isn’t she? Fantastic body, lovely tits and an angelic face. And she’s an amateur? Not for long surely.

The guy that wrote the full review of the site that I will link you to in a moment since they are also offering such cool membership specials, sums it perfectly in my opinion when he eludes to the fact that it is certainly great watching full-blooded porn stars go at it but to watch amateurs do the same thing just adds something a little extra to it.

For me it’s not just a little, it’s a game changing factor. There is something extremely erotic about knowing that a women is being pleasured, that she is fucking because she is definitely horny and not because she is doing her job. Being certain that she isn’t moaning because it sells better but rather that she is without being able to contain herself.

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Live Naughty Webcam Deals

Webcam porn is my favourite by quite a ways as I find candid ‘scenes’ very erotic. With it being live there is obviously no editing, you see it as it is, as it happens in real time.

No cutting of bloopers, no acting a scene over, fixing up or changing anything in any way at all.

The women are not trained professionals either and by that I don’t mean they are amateur in the quality of their work, not at all. I am saying that they are far less fake if fake at all.

There’s a lot extra panting and moaning and even verbals thrown around in regular porn scenes to artificially spice things up. When I pick up on those it turns me off.

With cam girls it is right in that moment and true exhibitionists, which is exactly what most of these women are, don’t need to fake. They’re into it.

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